Inspire 1

DJI has taken the best from their Phantom 2 Vision + and the larger Octo the S1000, which is the one that all the professionals use, and merged the best of both worlds. The compactness and maneuverability of the smaller Phantom and the more advanced features and hardware of the larger S1000. They have also designed the first camera set up on a quad-copter that allows the camera to not only tilt up and down but now for the first time to be able to pan a full 360 degrees around. Because of this they have designed the landing gear to transform in mid air and lift out of the way of the view of the camera. This gives more versatility to the pilot.  Now we can have another person take complete control of the camera so the pilot can just focus on flying which improves on safety.  As the pilot is executing the flight pattern the other person controlling the camera can get the shots that normally we would have to slow down or stop for. This allows us to get the best shot faster, saving you money and time.  The camera is small but packs a big punch. It is recording in 4k HD and takes still pics at 12MP.  The Inspire also has the ability to take pictures with GPS.  This expands what we can do for our clients. This allows us to be able to do HD aerial mapping and surveying for many different applications.


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